DocuSign Connect with AWS S3 -Part Two

Before Starting

Create AWS S3 Bucket

Edit Bucket permission
myWebhookActionFunction: async event => {
console.log('event .....', JSON.stringify(event));
try {
//parse xml data to json
const data = await xmlParseString(event);

// get sign document byte stream
const pdfBytes = data.DocuSignEnvelopeInformation.DocumentPDFs[0].DocumentPDF[0].PDFBytes[0];

// get the recipient statuses
const { RecipientStatuses, EnvelopeID } = data.DocuSignEnvelopeInformation.EnvelopeStatus[0];
// get all document sign users
const signerList = RecipientStatuses[0].RecipientStatus;
........ your own business logic and you can extract whatever the data you need form the web-hook payload ....
Create and Send Envelope API POST Request
Uploaded documents in the S3 bucket

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